Monday, April 18, 2011

finding, making, being inspired by the "little" things in life....

Terrariums, arts, headboard, and a jewelery holder... not a bad weekend. I found an old window and an old board at Habitat for Humanity for a couple bucks. Already working its way into my home. A six foot board chopped up.........reminiscing about fitting that thing into the bimmer! ha! I love creating!!!!

Details of a piece I have been working on. Fancy corners and arrows......

wire, egg....?

Rachel and Marley planted some seeds in these little beauties? Can't wait to see what grows!

I went into this project blind.... my sister needed a tray to hold "eggs" Here is what I came up with.

So if you look beyond those matching lovely ladies you will see a headboard I fashioned out of pallets. The shelf on top is from a rotting fence post, and made a few terrariums out of my sisters mason jars. Placed them on top of sections of cut logs and a broken brick.

Here is a side table made from pallets. damn I love making things from everyday shit! 49X38!!!! YES!!!!

A chair made from pallets I made for my pops last summer. Take a rest Pops!

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  1. Trash to modern fancytime stylins. LOVE the pallet headboard! (And the matching ladies are cute too)